Ynet, originally the online outlet for Yedioth Ahronot, is currently the most popular news and general content app in Israel. More than five million people have downloaded the app to date, and approximately two million people use the app every month. Since 2016, 60% of all ynet users (mobile app and desktop site) are app users. Today, the app sports dynamic, customized news and general content feeds, a rich VOD area, and a live video player.


Ynet aims for a broad user base - from teens to seniors. Every user, regardless of age, must be able to customize the app to fit his or her needs – from tailored news feeds to adaptable font sizes.  


Widely used across the country at all hours of day and night, ynet must never crash or even lag - whether it is used in an underground garage or when entering an elevator. Moreover, it must be kept stable without conceding an inch to customizability or usability of its rich graphics, content, and live video broadcasts.  


From a tech standpoint, ynet presents round-the-clock challenges. The app demands constant, 24/7 supervision, including an A/B testing mechanism, so every lag is dealt with before it becomes a problem. We never want costumers to call the help center, complaining that “the app is not working”.  


Additionally, Beta testing new products is crucial to ynet’s success. New operating systems, new advertising digital products, powerful SDKs – we test everything ahead of time, so ynet is always ahead of the curve.  


Through the years, we have integrated dozens of SDKs created by several companies and startups, including Outbrain, Taboola, Google IMA and interstitials, deep linking and Livebox. Every Apple and Android version update is of course tested before release, so there is never any lag between today’s ynet and tomorrow’s ynet.  


Another challenge is presented by the ever-changing mobile advertising world. Every new mobile advertising product is tested, so ynet is always on top of its game. Integrating revenue generating products demands a delicate balance - keeping ynet profitable and its ad model effective, while always maintaining a high level of functionality and flawless user experience.


Gini-Apps has been developing, re-inventing and maintaining ynet since 2010. Early on, Gini-Apps and ynet formed a joint think tank to plan, strategize and implement every new tech update and marketing move. ynet is unique in its capabilities and business model, which is heavily based on generating revenue from ad engagement.  


Through the years, we have re-written the app more than once, and developed an infrastructure which enables the app to manage with multiple SDKs. In ynet, we have a dual goal: maximizing revenue without ever compromising on functionality or user experience.